Umbra-PK Subtypes (Type Black)

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  1. What Am I? (Type Black)
  2. Psychic Ability (Type Black)
  3. Dreams Impressions & Hallucinations (Type Black)
  4. Clairvoyant Interaction (Type Black)
  5. Trance Mediumship (Type Black)
  6. Channeling (Type Black)
  7. Physical Mediumship (Type Black)
  8. Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Black)
  9. Input CS (Type Black)
  10. Output – Probability Shifting (Type Black)
  11. Output- Historical Shifting (Type Black)
  12. Changing The Past (Type Black)
  13. Intention (Type Black)
  14. Intention #2 (Type Black)
  15. Adaptive or Directive? (Type Black)
  16. Adaptive or Decisive? (Type Black)
  17. Input or Output? (Type Black)
  18. Trance Mediumship or Channeling? (Type Black)
  19. Your Sources (Type Black)
  20. People, Places, Objects & Ideas (Type Black)
  21. People, Objects & Events (Type Black)
  22. Precognition & Probability Shifting (Type Black)
  23. Contemporaneous Input & Real-Time (Type Black)
  24. Postcognition & Historical Shifting (Type Black)
  25. Episodes (Type Black)
  26. Experience Modes (Type Black)
  27. Other Terms for CI and CS (Type Black)
  28. You Are Not Alone: CS & CI (Type Black)
  29. Magical Thinking & Psychic Confusion (Type Black)
  30. The Difference Between Types of ESP (Type Black)
  31. The Difference Between Types of ESP II (Type Black)
  32. Seriously? (Type Black)
  33. Having Doubts: CS & CI (Type Black)
  34. Psychokinesis (Type Black)
  35. Forms of Psychokinesis (Type Black)
  36. PK or CS Healer? (Type Black)
  37. Science Crash Course (Type Black)
  38. Umbrakinesis (Type Black)
  39. Umbra-PK Subtypes (Type Black)
  40. Umbrakinesis Part II (Type Black)
  41. Normal or Paranormal? (Type Black)
  42. Light or Thermal Healer? (Type Black)
  43. Umbra-PK & Physical Mediums (Type Black)
  44. Did You Know You Are Not Alone? (Type Black)
  45. Having Doubts? (Type Black)
  46. One Last Question (Type Black)


Experiencers appear to lean towards one of two different sub-types.

The first sub-type involves influencing:

  • Near-infrared light and sometimes visible light, especially bio-light, which is and near-infrared light in the body that gives off from their own body and the bodies of others (which may include spirit bodies in cases with physical mediumship).
  • Spontaneous energy emissions, which are random light emissions that can make things warmer or cooler, glow or dim.
  • Light healing, their work with bio-light can make these experiencers great light healers.

The second sub-type involves influencing:

  • Near-infrared light, but rarely visible light.
  • Pair production, which involves creating or destroying light that can make things warmer, cooler, glow or go dark.
  • Light healing, but only if their energy is weak and gentle enough for healing; otherwise they usually only work well with influencing the light in the environment, not sensitive living things.

So, altogether, these two sub-types may be able to:

  • Create a light source
  • Increase a light source
  • Destroy a light source
  • Reduce a light source
  • Alter the nanometer range of light from one color to another.
  • Heal the self or others.

Are you a #1 umbra-PK experiencer or a #2 umbra-PK experiencer?

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