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Experiencers appear to lean towards one of two different sub-types.

The first sub-type involves influencing:

  • Near-infrared light and sometimes visible light, especially bio-light, which is and near-infrared light in the body that gives off from their own body and the bodies of others (which may include spirit bodies in cases with physical mediumship).
  • Spontaneous energy emissions, which are random light emissions that can make things warmer or cooler, glow or dim.
  • Light healing, their work with bio-light can make these experiencers great light healers.

The second sub-type involves influencing:

  • Near-infrared light, but rarely visible light.
  • Pair production, which involves creating or destroying light that can make things warmer, cooler, glow or go dark.
  • Light healing, but only if their energy is weak and gentle enough for healing; otherwise they usually only work well with influencing the light in the environment, not sensitive living things.

So, altogether, these two sub-types may be able to:

  • Create a light source
  • Increase a light source
  • Destroy a light source
  • Reduce a light source
  • Alter the nanometer range of light from one color to another.
  • Heal the self or others.

Are you a #1 umbra-PK experiencer or a #2 umbra-PK experiencer?

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