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TYPE BLACK (ISFP-J): Clairvoyant Interaction/Simulation & Umbrakinesis

This course takes you on a journey to discover your Clairvoyant Interaction and Clairvoyant Simulation or Umbrakinesis experiences. You will learn everything you need to know about “Type Blacks” through easy to understand descriptions, lots of images, mini-quizzes, and a little bit of humor along the way.

Not sure if you are having Clairvoyant Simulation, Clairvoyant Interaction, or Umbrakinesis experiences? In this course you will most likely find out that you’ve been having these experiences all along, you just didn’t know what you were looking for! Being able to identify Clairvoyant Simulation, Clairvoyant Interaction, or Umbrakinesis experiences is the first step in developing your psychic potential. Which type of “Black” experiencer are you?

When you have completed all the classes in this course, you can take the course completion quiz. Upon passing the quiz, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course!


Take classes in a row. Each class builds on the previous class, and this course builds on previous courses.

# 1-8

Class Topics

Class 1 What Am I? bullet_careers Class 5 Clairvoyant Interaction bullet_careers
Class 2 Psychic “Ability” bullet_careers Class 6 Trance Mediumship bullet_careers
Class 3 Psi, ESP, & Clairvoyance bullet_careers Class 7 Channeling bullet_careers
Class 4 Dreams, Impressions, & Hallucinations bullet_careers Class 8 Physical Mediumship bullet_careers

# 9-16

Class Topics

Class 9 Clairvoyant Simulation bullet_careers Class 13 Changing The Past bullet_careers
Class 10 Input – CS bullet_careers Class 14 Intention bullet_careers
Class 11 Output – Probability Shifting bullet_careers Class 15 Intention #2 bullet_careers
Class 12 Output – Historical Shifting bullet_careers Class 16 Adaptive or Directive bullet_careers

# 17-23

Class Topics

Class 17 Adaptive or Decisive bullet_careers Class 21 People, Places, Objects & Ideas bullet_careers
Class 18 Input or Output bullet_careers Class 22 People, Objects & Events bullet_careers
Class 19 Trance Mediumship or Channeling bullet_careers Class 23 Precognition & Probability Shifting bullet_careers
Class 20 Your Sources bullet_careers Class 24 Contemporaneous Input & Real-Time

# 25-32

Class Topics

Class 25 Postcognition & Historical Shifting bullet_careers Class 29 Did You Know You Are Not Alone? bullet_careers
Class 26 Clairvoyant Episodes bullet_careers Class 30 Magical Thinking & Confusion bullet_careers
Class 27 Experience Modes bullet_careers Class 31 Difference Between CS & Other ESP bullet_careers
Class 28 Other Terms for CS & CI bullet_careers Class 32 Difference Between CI & Other ESP/PK bullet_careers

# 33-36

Class Topics

Class 33 Seriously????!!!! bullet_careers
Class 34 bullet_careers
Class 35 bullet_careers
Class 36 bullet_careers

# 1


Quiz #1 Course Completion Quiz bullet_careers

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Classification and Statistical Manual of Extrasensory Experiences, 1st Edition: CSM-EE: download
Quantum Psychics – Scientifically Understand, Control and Enhance Your Psychic Ability (2nd Edition) cart
Clairvoyance: A Quantum Approach – The Psychical Influence of Information (UAS Textbook) cart
Manual of Umbrakinesis: Applications, Experimentation, and Measurement cart
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