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Personality Traits

personalityPsychic Type Whites are briefly defined as people who are enthusiastic, imaginative, full of possibilities, highly knowledgeable of others, prefer fluid situations, go with the flow in life, enjoy helping others, are responsible, are highly attuned to the emotions, thoughts, needs, and motivations of others, and interlace and fortify the collective framework of social conventions and interactions. They can be dissociative, emotionally disconnected, but not entirely apathetic. They tend to know what others are thinking, are wonderful listeners, daydreamers, easily distracted,  humble, and tend to bring a sense of peace, comfort, joy, refreshment, and rejuvenation to those around them.

Myers-Briggs Related Psychic Types:

ENFP’s are Telepathic Cognitives with a Spontaneous Initiative Feature with One-on-One Tendencies for Concise Information Acquisition, void of an Empathic Element. ENFP’s are Aerokinetic with a Directionless Inertial Force Feature and an Emotive Wind Element, and are primarily People-Orientated.

ENFJ’s are Telepathic Cognitives with a Inductive Continuous Feature with One-on-One and Group Tendencies for Prolix Information Acquisition with an Empathic Element. ENFJ’s are Aerokinetic with a Directional Motion Feature and a Reactive Flow Element, and are primarily Nature-Oriented.


type-whitePsychic Experiences (ESP & PK)

Those who score high in Psychic Type White are possible experiencers of Telepathic Cognition, where Telepathic Cognition is a type of Telepathy, Telepathy is a type of Extrasensory Perception (ESP), and Extrasensory Perception is a type of Psi.

Those who score high in Psychic Type White may also be possible experiencers of Aerokinesis, where Aerokinesis is a type of Psychokinesis (PK), and Psychokinesis is a type of Psi.

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