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Challenges are activities that you can accept that range from ways to enhance psychic experience, to ways to improve mental, emotional, or physical health, which are critical for psychic health. Challenges will involve some philosophy and psychology, but will weigh heavily on the sciences. Challenges will be offered that not only increase the frequency and usefulness of positive psychic experiences, but also the frequency of positive experiences in general leading to, and involving, increased emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, stress reduction, etc. Different challenges will range from 7-Day Challenges to challenges that run for several weeks. Upon the completion of a challenge, members will receive a badge for their efforts, and tokens to spend in our store.

“We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.

Cognitive Distortions

Pareidolia Challenge (7-Day)

Altered States of Consciousness




Meditation (various types – high arousal | low arousal)



Digital Psychical Experiments

Large-scale studies have shown that in regards to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Feeling-Perceiving (FP) types tend to perform significantly better than non FP-Types in Ganzfeld trials (Honorton 1997). Similar studies run by QPPResearch have shown similar results in regards to ESP and PK-based tests, especially if the tests are computer-based. The following are a list of psychical profiling types that may or may not perform well in the following tests.



ENFP / White-P, ESFP / Green-P, INFP / Purple-P, ISFP / Black-P


ENTP / Yellow-P, ENFJ / White-J, ESFJ / Green-J, ESTP / Red-P, INTP / Blue-P, INFJ / Purple-J, ISFP / Black-J, STP / Gray-P


ENTJ / Yellow-J, ESTJ / Red-J, INTJ / Blue-J, ISTJ / Gray-J


General Psi


ESP Cards – Print

Divinational Tools




Experimental Research Tools

Research Tools


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