Psychic Support & Experience Groups

The following is a list of public support groups and experience groups related to psychic experiences. They are great places to meet and find support through other people who have experiences just like you. These are also great groups for reading first-hand accounts of psychic experiences, which is very useful for learning more about the narrative of psychic experiences and how they vary person to person, and culture to culture. Whether you just want to read about psychic experiences, meet people who understand your experiences, have questions you need answers too about your experiences, or are thinking about starting a research group, these are great communities to start and grow with.

Psychic Experiment Groups & News

  • Gaia PK Experiments – This is an ongoing scientific study in which the purpose is to learn more about the interaction between our consciousness and the atmosphere, and is focused on using intention to reduce current severe weather. (Most Recommended for those who score high in Type Green and Type Gray).
  • Center for Exceptional Human Experiences – CEHE posts current online scientific studies in psychic research looking for subjects. These studies usually involve filling out various surveys about your psychic-related experiences.
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