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My Story

When I was young, I had frequent unexplained experiences. Some were psychic, some were neurological, but there was nowhere I could reach out to for understanding and direction.

As a teen in the 90’s, the internet was still a fairly new thing (OMG I feel old right now!!), so one mainly had to rely on those they physically and personally knew for guidance.

Unfortunately, those I knew whether family, friends, teachers, doctors, no one seemed to have even the slightest idea of what was going on, let alone provide me with any real answers.

I needed and educational opportunity to better understand what I was going through, so I sought out others with similar experiences and we learned from each other. But this could only take me so far. There was still so much left unanswered.

Being born with disabilities means you do not qualify for student aide unless you can prove you can work your way off social security disability once you have graduated. I could not. So, I sought out teachers and mentors. With the digital age starting to boom, I finally had access to the information I needed, but I could not understand it. It was too complicated, there was too much jargon, and I was still so young.

So, I continued to seek out literature and educational resources that would help me to better understand the answers I so desperately sought. Little did I know that this would encompass many different fields, an interdisciplinary cornucopia of knowledge. The problem with learning more is that you just end up with even more questions.

Questions that were out of the realm of the established sciences and largely a product of opinion in the realm of philosophy. So, I just kept going deeper down that rabbit hole and left breadcrumbs along the way in the form of books and papers and academic courses and programs to help those later on adventuring towards the same destination. I “blazed a trail through the academic wilderness.”

Eventually, I found myself writing a nearly 600-page graduate-level textbook in clinical parapsychology. But, at this point, all I was doing was creating more content that was limited to those who were also privileged with a similar level of knowledge.

I had become the very person whom I could not learn from as a teen and young adult. So, I changed my approach to education, to provide for that demographic an education that was detailed but simple, practical but fun to learn.

However, as a teen and young adult, I did not have the monetary resources to dive into such an education.

While being online makes CEHE accessible to anyone around the world with an internet connection, charging for that education would render those who could not afford it unable to benefit from it in any way.

So, I decided that CEHE would be a free institution, as it was largely through freely accessible information that I learned what I know today.

CEHE has been a dream of mine for so long.

It’s taken many years of scholarship to reach the point where I felt confident that I can offer content that is both highly detailed and unique to other educational opportunities currently available in the psychic sciences.

I spent many years rigorously researching and investigating in order to build a comprehensive psychical profiling model that makes learning about psychic experiences simple and well-organized.

I want CEHE to be a place where psychic experiencers can learn and discuss the information in courses to better understand them, to build on them, to interact with others with similar experiences, and to provide help and support to those who may be struggling to understand or control their experiences.


Founded by  Theresa M. Kelly, founder, and professor of clinical and scientific parapsychology at the University of Alternative Studies,  the Center for Exceptional Human Experiences is an online free public education organization focused on removing the barriers of cost, location, and access to scientific parapsychology / psychic science education for both lay-persons and professionals.

In attempts to fulfill the demand for people to learn at their own pace in a high-quality learning environment designed to present 21st-century scientific parapsychology education in a manner that is both fun and engaging for teens and adults.

CEHE is designed to support learners at any stage of learning, including those that have little to no prior education or interest in the psychic sciences. CEHE delivers mini-classes and whole courses for curious minds on a wide range of psychic experiences from extrasensory perception to psycho/telekinesis and energy healing.


CEHE seeks to one day be the first stop for adults and teens looking to understand 21st-century parapsychology by offering high-quality, in-depth, online classes that will always be freely accessible and fully engaging, fun, and supportive.

Whether the goal is to learn about the field in general, about one’s own experiences, to develop one’s experiences, or stopping one’s experiences from interfering in one’s day-to-day, CEHE’s mission is to have all of those bases covered.


All CEHE classes and courses are designed by Theresa M. Kelly and are based on her Model Of Psychical Experiences in order to offer a strong educational foundation.

Courses are highly organized and detailed and are aligned with the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and are process-orientated and purpose-driven for real-world applications.

CEHE classes are presented as scientifically as possible to allow for a universal application, that is to say, to present content that will benefit experiencers regardless of their personal religious or spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof.

Since personal philosophies vary widely, CEHE attempts to focus on the more scientific evidence and encourages learners to maintain their religious and spiritual foundations so they may come to their own unique understandings with ease.


CEHE supports the learning of both the aspiring and the established psychic explorers from across the globe to learn, apply, grow, share, and discover new practical and actionable skills, whether to implement them meaningfully into their personal or professional lives. CEHE courses are designed for ages 14 and up.


As a means of financially supporting CEHE long-term, courses will be eventually be published into 8 psychic type books that will be for sale through the QP Store and a number of different book retailers. In the meantime, all CEHE expenses are out-of-pocket and all work is purely voluntary, and yes, volunteer positions are available. The google sponsor ads only bring in about $25 per month at this time.

So of course, any donation of time, money, or resources is very appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering any of these, please send an email to CEHE@qpsychics.com or click on the DONATE button below.


I know you all want me to do radio and TV interviews. I’m sorry, but I struggle with memory recall due to my neurological impairments. The very sound of my own voice is too distracting to even hold my focus and recall important information. I am a writer, and a writer only. If you want to do a textual Q&A, I’m all for it. There may be a way to do radio and TV, but it may have to be entirely scripted and prerecorded. Please email me and perhaps we can figure it out together, just email me at prof.kelly@qpsychics.com.

I’m so glad you found this website!  Thank you for choosing to be a part of this journey with me. I am so excited for you to be here ready to learn and discover.  Please share the wealth, CEHE is inspiring, fun, and it is free for all!” ~ Theresa M. Kelly


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