Psychic Type? – PPA Basic

Psychical Profiling Assessment Basic - PPA-B

3The PPA-B is an assessment that looks at how you mentally, emotionally, and physically interact with other people and your environment. Knowing how you interact in these ways will reveal how you “psychic-ally” interact. Time: 15m | Questions: 80

This Assessment Will:

(1) Identify the types of positive psychic experiences that are most beneficial to ENHANCE right now. (2) Identify the types of experiences you are having right now, whether you know it or not.

Keep in Mind:

(1) Your results are focused on right now, not over the course of your life. (2) MOST LEAN TOWARDS 2 OR MORE TYPES. Any type 75% or higher is YOUR TYPE. (3) If you lean towards many types, stick with the types with the highest scores. (4) There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, so be honest and DON’T EXAGGERATE. (5) Take your time and read each question carefully.

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