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Psychic Type Courses

With fun fonts, lots of images, mini-quizzes, interactive media, and easy to understand information you can begin learning and enhancing as much as you can. Take courses in order according to its #. Each course builds on previous courses. So try not to jump around or you may get jumbled up. After you chose a course, you’ll be taken to another course page where you will click on your psychic type.” This will direct you to classes made just for YOU.


Courses Already Available

What Am I? – Type Gray

Why Am I? (Type Gray) INTP-J

How Far Can I Go? (Type Gray) INTP-J

What Can I Tweak & How (Type Gray) INTP-J

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Order of Course Creation:

We are creating classes based on Psychic Type. One-by-one we will complete all classes for each type. However, classes in one type often apply to all types and all types have some content already. Here’s the order.

Gray*, Yellow, Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Red, White