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RED = thermal, warm, activates and excites. BLUE = thermal, cool, calming.We’ll get a bit more into this later on as this has to do with a number of different things, one being which other psychic types you may lean towards.

I’ll summarize all of this really briefly really quickly just in case you didn’t already get the whole picture from before: If you lean more towards type Red or Blue then type Black or Purple (red/blue = thermal), then it’s more likely thermal.

BLACK = infrared PURPLE = color and white lightHowever, if you lean more towards type Black or Purple then type Red or Blue, then it is more likely light (black = infrared light, purple = colored and white light).

If you lean towards types Red and Purple, Black and Blue, Black and Red, or Blue and Purple, then you may experience a little of both.

In which case, it’s really hard to tell, and you will need to know a lot more about these experiences to really determine this, which we will get into later on in these courses. So, overall…..

Are you a thermal or light experiencer? or both?

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