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In the next course we will be looking at “How Far You Can Go.” Basically, seeing what kind of potential you have for psychic development and enhancement. But first, please consider taking the following mini-quizzes.

The following mini-quiz will help you see how prone you are to being tricked by some of the illusions we mentioned earlier in this chapter. The more prone to are to being tricked, the more you will need to really sit down and carefully study your experiences to figure out if they are illusions or genuine psychic experiences.

The more illusions you can weed out, the quicker and easier you can develop and enhance!!

  • slammingdoorImagine that one evening you are sitting at home alone when a door suddenly slams by itself in another room. You are most likely to think:

a. It’s probably a draft.

b. I wonder if somebody or something’s there…

c. Someone or something must have got into the house!

  • Imagine your food tastes different from usual. You are most likely to think:

a. This food must have been prepared with a different ingredient today.

b. Someone may have done something to my food on purpose…

c. Someone has deliberately spiked my food!

  • shadowImagine you think you see a shadowy figure moving across the wall of an empty room. You are most likely to think:

a. My eyes must be playing tricks on me.

b. I wonder what that was…

c. There must have been someone or something there!

  • phonecallImagine someone you know calls you just as you were thinking about them. As you pick up the phone you suddenly realize you are feeling upset. You are most likely to think:

a. It’s odd that I should feel upset, but I don’t read too much into it.

b. I wonder why I feel upset, could there be something peculiar about this call…

c. Feeling upset means something, it must be bad news!

  • Imagine you are dozing on the sofa in front of the TV and you suddenly wake up startled. You are most likely to think:

a. The TV must have woken me.

b. I tend to always wake up startled when I’m dozing…

c. I can never get any sleep!

Time to score! All (a) answers have no points. All (b) answers have 1 point. All (c) answers have 2 points.

If your score was 0, all of your answers were (a)’s, then you are probably very good at telling the difference between illusions and genuine psychic experiences. Awesome!

If you scored more than 1, but most of your answers were (a)’s and (b)’s, you’re being tricked. If your score is a low number, you could be tricked every now and again. If your score is a high number, you could be tricked as much as 50% of the time. In this case, take your time, avoid jumping to conclusions, and try to be more logical rather than emotional in your reasoning.

If you scored more than 1, but most of your answers were (c)’s, you’re being tricked a lot! Not only are you jumping to conclusions, you’re jumping to BIG conclusions. Tone it down a little, a deep breath, and figure out why you are so suspicious and jumpy.

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