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cloudedmindPerpetuating factors are ways of thinking and acting, or not thinking and acting, that cause negative or unwanted psychic experiences to keep happening again and again with no end in sight.

These illusions or misconceptions cloud your mind and keep you from seeing the patterns required to notice what you are doing wrong.

Knowing what these self-perpetuating factors are is the first step to becoming disillusioned. The second step is to identify which one applies to you, and the third step is to correct the situation by avoiding those old ways of thinking and acting.

Not only do these illusions cause distressing experiences to keep on happening, but they also play a part in bringing these experiences back, again and again, months and even years later after you thought you dealt with the problem.

Most of these illusions are part of a group of illusions called cognitive biases. Cognitive biases are errors in judgment or decision-making that result in mixing up real psychic experiences and other things that may seem very much like psychic experiences but have very normal explanations.

Many people fall victim to this group of illusions because most people have never heard of them or don’t recognize them when they see them. These illusions can be as simple as jumpingtoconclusions where something odd happens and you cannot immediately find an explanation for it so you infer that it MUST be paranormal.

But a paranormal cause should not be applied just because you ruled everything else out. Rather, a paranormal cause should ONLY be applied when everything else is ruled out AND it has the right characteristics of behavior. TO STOP DISTRESSING EXPERIENCES YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING SUGGESTIONS.

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