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Those who score high in Type Yellow do so because they tend to lean towards certain personality traits. These personality traits help direct you towards clairvoyant cognition and tele-PK experiences.

Also, enhancing these personality traits can help you enhance your clairvoyant cognition and tele-PK experiences and build natural psychic skills. First, we will take a look at these different personality traits.

As we go through these personality traits, it will be important for you to decide:

  • If you have these traits.
  • How strong these traits are.
  • If you lean towards the 1st set, 2nd set, or both sets of personality traits.

This is because, in order to enhance, you may need to adopt certain daily practices and routines to develop the traits you do not currently have and strengthen the traits you already do have.

There are two sets of personality traits for type Yellows. The first set of traits often matches up to the Myers-Briggs Type ENTP, and the second set of traits often matches up to the Myers-Briggs Type ENTJ.

If you don’t know what your Myers-Briggs type is, that’s OK.

This information is just here to help those who do know their Myers-Briggs types to help them know they right on track reading this book. If you do know your Myers ’Biggs type, but it’s Not ENT, we’ll cover more about why this maybe later on.

To cover “why” really quickly right here, it has to do with the difference between how you are on a daily basis (Type Yellow) and how you are over the course of your life (Myers-Briggs).

The first set of personality traits are summarized as follows:

“Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them strategically. Good at reading other people. Bored by routine, will seldom do the same thing the same way, apt to turn to one new interest after another.” – Myers & Briggs Foundation

The second set of personality traits are summarized as follows:

“Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily. Quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. Usually well informed, well-read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others. Forceful in presenting their ideas.” – Myers & Briggs Foundation

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