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ILLUSIONS #16 & 17

Suggestion #16:

Avoid always assuming that weird experiences must be “psychic” experiences.

Weird experiences can have a number of other causes, including medical causes. Some symptoms of mental and physical conditions can seem pretty odd and even *~magical~* and paranormal at times.

From feeling like you are floating outside of your body, to sensing someone who is not there, to seeing pretty lights flashing all around you.

Even if your family and friends say you have nothing to worry about, seeing and feeling things that others do not see and feel shouldn’t be written off as supernatural. You should always keep a partially skeptical mind and cover all of your bases.

If the things you see or feel seem to have no real useful purpose, then you should get checked out.

Even if you have a history of real psychic experiences, new and useless sensations should not be ignored.

It could be something as simple as not getting enough sleep, or needing to drink more water during the summer, but it could also be a sign that you are working or worrying yourself sick or that you are very sick and need help. Stay safe by being SURE.

Suggestion #17:

Avoid assuming that your entire future is set in stone and pre-determined by the nature of God or the universe.

futurestoneThis viewpoint can lead you to be fearful of carrying out certain actions to stop negative and distressing psychic experiences.

I’m not suggesting that you stop believing that the universe plays no part in your life, or that it does not create some purpose for you in life.

I’m simply suggesting that you avoid assuming that just because something is going to happen, or is happening, that it should happen and that this is the will of the universe. This kind of thinking can lead you down the wrong path again and again.

manypathsWhether it’s that you’re going the wrong direction on your path in life, wandering off your path, or wandering onto someone else’s path, avoid assuming that all the signs you see along the side of the road are for YOU.

Throwing your hands up in the air and saying “This is what God wants for me,” without any thought or consideration isn’t faith.

Faith is belief and confidence in a higher power, which assists in accomplishing goals together.

What I am talking about is fatalism, where you believe that no matter what you want or desire, the universe will not give it to you in spite of you or because you deserve to suffer.

Yes, the universe tests us, challenges us, teaches us valuable lessons, but the universe does this for other people too, and not all the tests, challenges, and lessons we come across are for YOU.

Just because something bad happens doesn’t mean the universe wanted it to happen to you. Just because an opportunity presented itself doesn’t mean that opportunity is for you, or for you right now.

The universe is a giant ocean of opportunities and challenges. Just because you see another ship on the horizon doesn’t mean you should jump your ship and swim to the other. And just because your ship springs a leak, doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong ship.

Avoid the illusion that you’re on the wrong ship just because it’s challenging. Avoid falling for the illusion that everything will be better anywhere but here.

Unless all signs are pointing to the other ship, avoid jumping to conclusions. And unless you try to patch up that leak and your ship keeps sinking, avoid abandoning ship.


These are the thoughts that can keep you in a perpetual cycle of distressing psychic experiences. These are the thoughts you should challenge and question, not just blindly accept.

The universe doesn’t want you to have negative psychic experiences, it wants you to grow and help others grow. If your experiences are only ruining your life, you’re not growing; so take charge, get your life back on track, and start growing again.

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