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ILLUSIONS #18 & 19

Suggestion #18:

Avoid labeling positive psychic experiences as negative.

If you do not believe in psychic experiences you are more likely to subscribe to a scientific explanation for your psychic experiences, or a scientific unknown explanation, rather than a psychic explanation.

While you may still have psychic experiences throughout your life that you may attach a psychic explanation to, viewing psychic experiences negatively, in general, may lead you to either ignore real psychic experiences, or your negative view of the experience may make you hit the panic button and tell your subconscious to stop future experiences from being noticeable or even happening at all:

“That was a weird and disturbing experience….”

“Wow, that experience really scared me!”

This pause in experiences is due to the negative views that may make your psychic experiences stressful to you, and as a result, your mind will seem to “shut off” your psychic experiences, because such experiences are meant to promote only well-being rather than to promote distress.

Even if the experience appeared to be helpful like winning the lottery, the huge effect of the event may create a sense of unnecessary worry or fear:

 “If my positive intention can help me win the lottery, what could my negative intention do to me?!?!”

If you’re scared of your psychic experiences, it’s because you do not yet fully understand how they work. Learning and understanding more about your psychic experiences will help you overcome these fears, and by taking these courses you are already well on your way to understanding. CONGRATULATIONS!

Suggestion #19:

Avoid labeling negative psychic experiences as positive.

controlpanelWhen a really negative psychic experience is labeled as a positive experience, this can cause you to avoid the shut-off switch for future experiences that I talked about before, and lead you to confuse the experience as a “gift” that you are not “strong enough to control.”

In this case, you have, without knowing, confused something that should be viewed as negative and should be stopped as something that is “supposed to be helpful” and should be enhanced.

“This is a gift, I should learn to control it and embrace it.”

This view on negative psychic experiences twists your ability to tell the difference between helpful experiences and the wolf in sheep’s clothing, which can lead you into a continuous cycle of distressing experiences.

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