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Suggestion #22:

Avoid taking shortcuts and not following through when it comes to stopping negative psychic experiences.

If there is more than one issue causing you to have negative psychic experiences, don’t just focus on fixing one issue and ignoring the other. Doing this will not stop your negative experiences.

And, in the off chance they do, believe me, they WILL be back very, very, soon.

If you keep going down a road full of cracks and holes and depend only on quick fixes and patch jobs, it’s only a matter of time before the road starts falling apart again.  You need to pave a new road, a new path in life. Start fresh, start new. You need to put your best foot forward on solid, stable ground.

For example, if you lose your job because you have a bit of a drinking or late-night partying issue, finding a new job isn’t going to reduce your stress for long. This is because in continuing your old patterns with a new job, it’s only a matter of time before you lose that job too.

Target the behaviors that are holding you back, ALL OF THEM. Don’t just fix the DAMAGE — fix the CAUSES of that damage too. Not doing this will surely keep you on a path full of re-occurring negative experiences.

Suggestion #23:

Avoid enhancing psychic experiences to reduce stress when you are already suffering from a lot of stress.

People who begin having negative clairvoyant cognition experiences do so because of a decreased ability, or increased need, to communicate. These negative experiences are due to chronic (long-term) stress, so enhancing psychic experiences to help reduce stress is going to BACKFIRE.

Chronic Stress + Enhancement + More Stress

Believing that enhancement will allow a person to reduce their stress is only true for people who experience a little HEALTHY stress.  Enhancing psychic experiences, clairvoyant cognition or tele-PK, while under a great deal of stress will definitely lead to more stress.

dreambubbleHowever, since stress is a precipitating factor for psychic experiences, you can allow the experiences to develop naturally (avoid any form of enhancement techniques). The best way to naturally build psychic skills while under a great deal of stress with as little risk as possible for increased stress is through dreams.

We will talk more about this in the course “How Do I Get There,” but just to give you an idea of what this approach involves, you will want to focus on your needs before and while falling asleep and solutions may come to you while falling asleep (hypnagogic state), while dreaming, or while waking up (hypnopompic state). However, if this leads to increased stress, STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Using other altered states of consciousness like meditation, self-hypnosis, and so on, or trying to enhance hallucination experiences like visions and hearing things, is not recommended under these conditions.

meditateHowever, meditation may be a good thing for you to start right away as a way to successfully deal with your daily stress, but not to enhance psychic experiences. Meditating with a goal or needs in mind may result in negative psychic experiences.

However, meditating without anything on your mind will help you deal with stress. Let your mind go blank and focus on your breathing.

Meditation is also a protective factor, which means that it may help protect you from having negative psychic experiences.

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