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Clairvoyant cognition and tele-PK tend to become noticeable, but unhelpful, when certain changes to your personality, health, or environment take a turn for the worse.

If you experienced one or more of these events and had noticeable, but unhelpful psychic experiences, but then were able to overcome the stressful changes to your life; you may have been able to start building psychic skills after your life calmed back down.

It’s kind of like lifting a veil – once you have noticed your psychic experiences you can seek them out and start building skills. It’s something you now feel is there, and while you may be feeling around in the dark for a while, you can still fumble your way through if you’re motivated enough.

Repeating periods of stressful events followed by periods of calm seem to result in building the most psychic skills.

This seems to be because you are able to walk through a doorway when stress builds, but are then able to make your way through the room once things calm down. Each stressful event leads you through another door and another.

However, once your psychic experiences become noticeable for the first time, you don’t need nearly as much stress as you did to trigger experiences for the first time.

Even healthy challenges in life can help you through the next door.

In the next class, we are now going to look at 2 different lists. If you think any of the events listed apply to your past, write down the number to the left of the event on a piece of paper.

If you have dealt with these events, grew from these events, and moved on with your life…..


If you are still struggling with these events, don’t worry, we’ll be looking deeper into these events and how you can move on and grow from these experiences in the course “How Do I Stop?”

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