Why You Have Psychic Experiences (Type Yellow)

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  1. Why Am I? (Type Yellow)
  2. Personality Type 1 (Type Yellow)
  3. Why You Have Psychic Experiences (Type Yellow)
  4. Your Needs – PK (Type Yellow)
  5. Your Events (Type Yellow)
  6. Changes to Your Personality (Type Yellow)
  7. Changes to Your Environment (Type Yellow)
  8. Your Age (Type Yellow)
  9. Personality Type #2 (Type Yellow)
  10. Your Awareness (Type Yellow)
  11. Psychic Illusions (Type Yellow)
  12. Belief, Meaning, & Auto Labeling (Type Yellow)
  13. Self-fulfilling Prophecies & Ignoring When You’re Wrong (Type Yellow)
  14. Probability & Reason (Type Yellow)
  15. Don’t Be Fooled (Type Yellow)
  16. Seeing Faces & Hearing Your Name (Type Yellow)
  17. Precognition vs. Manifesting (Type Yellow)
  18. Accuracy, OBEs, & Evil Presence (Type Yellow)
  19. Weird Does Not Equal Psychic (Type Yellow)
  20. Confusing Negative & Positive Experiences (Type Yellow)
  21. Externalizing (Type Yellow)
  22. Ignoring Negative Psychic Experiences (Type Yellow)
  23. Avoid Shortcuts (Type Yellow)
  24. Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  25. #1st List of Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  26. #2nd List of Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  27. #3rd List of Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  28. Psychic Illusions Mini-Quiz – Are You Being Fooled? (Type Yellow)
  29. Mini-Quiz: Prone to Psychic Experiences? Ready to Enhance? (Type Yellow)
  30. Mini-Quiz: Anxious? Depressed? (Type Yellow)


Many believe that psychic experiences are happening in our daily life far more than we realize. They happen because you must reach a goal or satisfy a need that you otherwise cannot mentally, physically or emotionally satisfy.

These experiences are usually subconscious and undetectable. However, they can become detectable if you pay more attention to your thoughts, body, and your surroundings.

When you become more “mindful” or aware of yourself and your surroundings some of the subconscious information you receive may bubble up into your conscious mind and you may notice it.

Or, you may notice physical effects more if you are more mindful of your surroundings and other people.

This mindfulness is what helps you build psychic skills over time. However, there is also something else that can cause you to have stronger experiences.

The more stress a person has in their life, the more they seem to have noticeable psychic experiences. This is because when you are stressed out for a long period of time and cannot seem to use your mind or body to find a solution, your mind and body REACH WITHIN and REACH OUT to find more solutions.

In this case, your mind and body are trying to make up for where you fall short. This stress could be the result of a sudden DECREASE in being able to do something, to a sudden INCREASE in a need to do something.

While a little stress in your day-to-day is OK and sometimes can be a very healthy thing, this is not the kind of stress I’m talking about.

The kind of stress I’m talking about lasts a long time and is VERY stressful.

So stressful, that your mind and body give up on what you know in order to search for new solutions in more unfamiliar territory.

There are 3 types of stressful things that will lead you to have noticeable psychic experiences that do not involve building psychic skills.

The first kind of stress has to do with things that predispose you to noticeable psychic experiences. These are things that exist for a long time and usually start happening in your early childhood. These are called predisposing factors.

The second kind of stress has to do with what major event stressed you out right before your psychic experiences became noticeable for the first time. These are called precipitating factors.

The third kind of stress has to do with what is causing these psychic experiences to continue to happen so strongly. These are called perpetuating factors.

However, there are stress preventatives that can stop you from having strong psychic experiences before and after they start. These are called protective factors.

If you have the first 3 factors, but no protective factors, then your psychic experiences can get really strong (but not in a useful way, more like a crowded, loud, and jumbled way).

However, if you don’t have any of the first 3 factors, but have a bunch of protective factors, then you may not notice your psychic experiences at all right now, because you haven’t had enough reason too yet.

Predisposing and precipitating factors are pretty much the same, except one happens early on and continues to happen for a long while, and the other happens suddenly and WHAM!, you start having noticeable psychic experiences.

First, we will look at the needs Type Yellow’s usually have when they start noticing their experiences. Then, we will look at some of the more common events that can lead to enough stress to make you need something beyond your “normal” ability to reach.

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