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Suggestion #21:

Avoid thinking that your negative psychic experiences will go away eventually if you ignore them for long enough.

If you know you are having negative psychic experiences, and you know why you are having these upsetting experiences, do something about it. Avoid just sweeping them under the rug or they can get much, much, worse.

Instead, take steps to LEARN more about why you are having these experiences if you are not yet certain, and start taking steps to STOP these experiences right away.

If you need help with precipitating or perpetuating factors like depression or anxiety, then seek out help right away!

Don’t wait and just hope it gets better with time. If you aren’t sure where to reach out to get help, start with your local Department of Social Services. If you’d rather go the route of self-treatments like daily meditation and exercise, make sure you dive right in and actually do itAND keep doing it!!

If you find professionals to help you, but there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do except help you cope (example: chronic pain management), then take that offer to learn how to cope and apply those new skills TODAY, not next week, next month, etc.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation or desire to get started or to stick with it, try the “5 Minute Rule.” This rule is based on the fact that EVERYONE has at least 5 minutes a day to set aside to do something.

If you do something for 5 minutes, like exercising, and you just can’t keep going after that 5 minutes, that’s OK, try again tomorrow.

However, if you start getting into what you are doing after 5 minutes, add another 5 minutes, and another, and just keep going until you can’t anymore.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick with it for more than 5/10 minutes today. Just keep shooting for a longer period of time tomorrow, and in the meantime, think of ways to make your activities a little less boring. Be creative, be innovative, and be resourceful. YOU EXCEL AT THESE THINGS, so put them into practice!

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