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Suggestion #20:

Avoid blaming other people, spirit guides, or the universe for your negative psychic experiences.

When trying to understand and explain your negative and stressful psychic experiences, you will need to avoid adopting an explanation that involves other people, spirits, the universe, or God, causing your negative experiences. This is called externalizing because you are blaming your experiences on something or someone external to yourself.

“My guides keep sending me bad luck, bad things keep happening. I don’t know why my guides think I deserve this bad luck, and I can’t stop them from doing this to me!”


However, psychic experiences are caused by YOU and YOUR NEEDS. 

As we talked about before, the main needs that cause your experiences for clairvoyant cognition are a decreased ability, or suddenly increased need, to meaningfully communicate, organize thoughts, solve problems, attract helpful people and resources, etc.

For tele-PK, it’s a need to protect, energize, or heal yourself or someone else physically. Clairvoyant cognition and tele-PK experiences are NOT the result of someone else forcing things on you. While clairvoyant cognition does involve spirit guides and the universe playing a part in your experiences, they do not control you and they are only there to help reduce your stress, not increase it.

However, the same may not be true for some spirits of the deceased, where they may cause you stress by pushing you to help them, but only because you are opening yourself up to them and not shutting yourself off to them when you need to rest and focus on self-care. The need for self-care and rest is NOT SELFISH. You need it to survive.

However, if your needs shift from long-term needs to short-term needs, you and your guides or the universe may end up sacrificing a positive future for a positive TODAY.

addictionsThis is where stuff like sensation-seeking (a need to seek out stimulation because you feel depressed or emotionally numb), instant gratification (a need to experience relief or achievement now at the cost of a greater sense of relief or achievement later on), and other self-defeating and addictive behaviors end up warping and distorting clairvoyant cognition experiences.

We’ll be looking more at correcting external views later on in the course “How Do I Stop?” For now, here is another example:

“My spirit guides keep sending me new clients every day, but I’m already over-worked, but I need the money, I’m so stressed out!”

Blaming something, or someone else for your psychic experiences puts you in a position of feeling “VICTIMIZED” by your psychic experiences because you feel that you are not in a position to control the situation or stop the experiences.

However, understanding how and why you are the cause of your own experiences puts control back into your hands. If you keep blaming others for your negative psychic experiences, this can lead you into a perpetual cycle of never-ending negative psychic experiences.

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