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Let’s go a little deeper, shall we?

OK, first you should know that the first set of traits, which are relatable most towards ENTP’s, make up only 2-5% of the population. This may seem like there are very few people out there like you, but this actually means that using the U.S. population for an example, there are about 6,378,000 to 15,945,000 out of a population of 318.9 million people just like you. That’s a lot of people!!

Ok, let’s look at this set of personality traits:

These Yellows are innovators, originators, inventors, explorers, and visionaries.  They have excellent social intuition and use it to identify complex relationships between people, things, and ideas.

In other words, these Yellows mentally and emotionally reach out into their surroundings to find information as a method to identify patterns and connections that are left otherwise unseen by other types.

These Yellows carefully study the details of relationships and connections in a very deep way. Their ability to do this comes from their traits that involve precision thinking which allows these Yellows to have a deep understanding of the way relationships work and how they can be improved.

These Yellows are skilled,  full of knowledge, and are usually quite clever, quick to respond, positive, high energy, outgoing, flexible, loyal, and very resourceful.

They are known for their strong desires to reach out and to improve the world around them in creative ways.

They are very intelligent people who usually have a “means to an end” outlook on life where they are usually very focused on reaching their goals regardless of how hard achieving those goals may be.

While they may be very good at creating detailed plans, they are often less interested in following through with them. This is because the intention of new things, new ideas, and the creative journey itself is more important and exciting to them.

Because of this, these Yellows tend to be found in careers where they can use their abilities to offer deep understandings, be highly flexible, and create innovative solutions to problems. These careers include areas like engineering, administration, public relations, law, architecture, technology, journalism, teaching, and counseling.

If someone suggests something cannot be achieved or solved, these Yellows tend to look at these as personal challenges and often spare little to no effort in their journey to discover solutions. This type of Yellow leans a little towards Type Green, which is why they have such strong empathic and social traits.

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