Mini-Quiz: Anxious? Depressed? (Type Yellow)

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  1. Why Am I? (Type Yellow)
  2. Personality Type 1 (Type Yellow)
  3. Why You Have Psychic Experiences (Type Yellow)
  4. Your Needs – PK (Type Yellow)
  5. Your Events (Type Yellow)
  6. Changes to Your Personality (Type Yellow)
  7. Changes to Your Environment (Type Yellow)
  8. Your Age (Type Yellow)
  9. Personality Type #2 (Type Yellow)
  10. Your Awareness (Type Yellow)
  11. Psychic Illusions (Type Yellow)
  12. Belief, Meaning, & Auto Labeling (Type Yellow)
  13. Self-fulfilling Prophecies & Ignoring When You’re Wrong (Type Yellow)
  14. Probability & Reason (Type Yellow)
  15. Don’t Be Fooled (Type Yellow)
  16. Seeing Faces & Hearing Your Name (Type Yellow)
  17. Precognition vs. Manifesting (Type Yellow)
  18. Accuracy, OBEs, & Evil Presence (Type Yellow)
  19. Weird Does Not Equal Psychic (Type Yellow)
  20. Confusing Negative & Positive Experiences (Type Yellow)
  21. Externalizing (Type Yellow)
  22. Ignoring Negative Psychic Experiences (Type Yellow)
  23. Avoid Shortcuts (Type Yellow)
  24. Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  25. #1st List of Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  26. #2nd List of Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  27. #3rd List of Psychic Protections (Type Yellow)
  28. Psychic Illusions Mini-Quiz – Are You Being Fooled? (Type Yellow)
  29. Mini-Quiz: Prone to Psychic Experiences? Ready to Enhance? (Type Yellow)
  30. Mini-Quiz: Anxious? Depressed? (Type Yellow)


The following mini-quiz will test you to see if you are experiencing signs of anxiety or depression. The more you say YES, the more I suggest adding more protective factors and the less I recommend enhancement at this time.

  1. depressedAre you feeling down or hopeless?
  2. Do you have little interest or pleasure in doing things?
  3. Are you feeling nervous, frightened, worried, or on edge?
  4. Are you feeling panic or being frightened?
  5. Are you having thoughts of actually hurting yourself?

If you answer YES to questions (1 or 2), you may need to see a mental health professional to see if you may be suffering from a depressive disorder.

If you answered YES to questions (3 or 4), you may need to see a mental health professional to see if you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

If you answered YES to question #5, I STRONGLY recommend that you see a mental health professional right away (Teens Click Here) or go to your nearest emergency room.

There are also a number of FREE crisis and suicide hotlines that you can call for help or just to talk. You have options, and notalone

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