I Want To Be More Type Blue II (Type Gray)

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  1. What Can I Tweak & How: Personality & Activity (Type Gray)
  2. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion (Type Gray)
  3. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion II (Type Gray)
  4. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking (Type Gray)
  5. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking II (Type Gray)
  6. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking III (Type Gray)
  7. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking IV (Type Gray)
  8. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking V (Type Gray)
  9. I Want To Be More Type Yellow (Type Gray)
  10. I Want To Be More Type Yellow II (Type Gray)
  11. I Want To Be More Type Green (Type Gray)
  12. I Want To Be More Type Green II (Type Gray)
  13. I Want To Be More Type Black (Type Gray)
  14. I Want To Be More Type Black II (Type Gray)
  15. I Want To Be More Type Red (Type Gray)
  16. I Want To Be More Type Red II (Type Gray)
  17. I Want To Be More Type Blue (Type Gray)
  18. I Want To Be More Type Blue II (Type Gray)
  19. I Want To be More Type White (Type Gray)
  20. Shifting Psychic Modes (Type Gray)
  21. Change Psychic Dreams From Realistic to Unrealistic (Type Gray)
  22. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition I (Type Gray)
  23. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition II (Type Gray)
  24. Change Psychic Dreams into Altered State Hallucinations
  25. Changing Output Dreams (Type Gray)


upsanddownsType Blues work in waves2. They have their ups and their downs, often in the same minute. It takes a lot of mindfulness to make sure those waves stay small.wavesandstorms

Mindfulness also helps with social anxiety, which is very common for those who lean towards Type Blue. So, if you’re doing well in the mindfulness department, you should be OK leaning in this direction. If not, you’re in for a lot of storms.

Addictions are also big with Type Blues, but not too much more than other types. Social anxiety tends to be the root most of their addictions, whether its food, alcohol, drugs, etc., they use these things to make social experiences easier to tolerate, and will often turn to them at home when feeling stressed out.

It’s one thing to drink socially with friends, it’s another to do it every night, or get wasted every time you drink, even if it’s just a couple of times a week. While social anxiety can be brought on by stress in general, it can also be brought on by using emotional thinking (errors in judgment), which can also lead to stress. Which in turn leads right back to anxiety.

turbulentThis is because when you can’t even trust your own judgement and intuition sometimes, your confidence in yourself, and the confidence others have in you, begin to disappear and make everything a bit more turbulent in your life. Soon, those high ups and low downs make a mess of everything.

The ultimate goal for someone who leans towards Type Blue is to be a still lake rather than a raging river. Being calm also allows you to be an excellent listener, a quality you will need a lot if you lean in this direction. If you notice yourself becoming too talkative, not listening to others, or cutting people off while they are trying to speak, stress and anxiety is probably getting the better of you.

Make sure you get plenty of alone time. Type Blues get exhausted after too much social interaction too, but they also have to deal with emotional fatigue on top of all that.

emotional-fatigue is when you open your heart to so many people that it simply exhausts you. You let people live in your heart and mind and that takes a toll.

mindracingSo make sure you leave work stuff at work, and friend drama at the club or school. Not disconnecting your heart and mind from other stuff when at home will lead to your mind racing all night long. Being that you’re already highly analytical, letting your mind race instead of rest is a quick way to experience issues with insomnia.

So, even if you have to say it out loud to yourself…..


Allow your heart and mind to rest and calm your inner world. Close your eyes and picture your thoughts and emotions as a stormy sea and slowly visualize that sea becoming still. Or see your thoughts as a heavy rainfall, and slowly end the storm.

Not doing this not only leads to exhaustion, but also ups and downs where one minute you’re manic and hyper and the other you’re depressed and tired. The more your emotions go up and down, and the higher and lower they go, the more you need to find your calm, your inner stillness.

calmYou will need to find your inner serenity often, stillness is not a constant thing for you now. Your emotions will fluctuate, and these ups and downs in yourself will fluctuate the emotions in your social group and the other way around. But you are the most equipped to keep the group harmonious and calm, so it’s you who are tasked with the privilege to do this, not others.

waterAnd lastly, you will need to do more than handle the waves of your emotions. You will also need to start handling and creating real waves too. Unlike any other type, Type Blues get most of their fun and stress relief from the water. Whether you take up surfing, swimming laps in the pool, or just soak in the tub, the water is your new natural therapist.

In a nutshell:

  • You will need to be prepared to deal with times of great sadness. You will soon feel like you hold the emotional weight of the people around you on your shoulders. Emotional intelligence and coping strategies are now a MUST.
  • You will need to be prepared to find your inner calm on a regular basis. Your emotions and moods will swing out of control unless you keep a mindful eye on them and take an active approach towards successfully dealing with them.
  • compassionatelistenerYou will need to open your heart, be sympathetic, empathetic, loving, nurturing, and selfless. You will need to begin taking care of others, and protecting those who desperately need you protection.
  • You will need to continue to seek out the truth and look at the facts. Being a deep, practical, and highly analytical thinker are still qualities you need to maintain and grow.
  • Use you wisdom and analytical mind to make people stop and deeply think, pause, and reflect on their opinions, decisions, and choices. But don’t forget to be a compassionate listener. This means letting people finish their story before you provide advice. Compassion is patience.
  • Strive to know and understand as much as you possibly can. Never stop learning. Avoid emotional thinking and lean far more towards logical thinking. It’s OK to let you heart help you make decisions, just don’t let it rule over you. Apply logic to your heart’s desire at every turn.
  • mechnical-inclinedBecome more mechanically inclined. This means taking up a hobby or career involving fixing things like home remodeling and repair, automotive work, engineering or inventing, industrial or technical work or becoming an electrician, welder, or carpenter. This can be a career shift for you, or simply a hobby. Build and repair things with your hands, Take something old and reform it into something different and new. Work more with tools, whether it’s in the garage or in the kitchen.
  • Be prepared to work harder, take on more responsibilities, and be a master troubleshooter. To do this, the best way is to dive right into activities that demand these things. You can learn your way – along the way. Don’t wait until you “know,” you’re a quick study, so learn as you go.

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