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Work smarter, not harder. If you’re putting in the time to build psychic skills, but you just aren’t able to accomplish your goals, use these simple tweaks to adjust and refine your psychic experiences to properly meet your needs. Tweaks are simple and practical things that you can do more often weekly, daily, or even hourly to create more occasions for psychic experiences to….


notaboxJust keep in mind that personality isn’t something that was set in stone at birth. It can change a little bit or a lot over time. Also, “types” shouldn’t be thought of as little boxes that you fit in.

spectrum“Types” aren’t exact points, they’re on a spectrum where they all fade into each other and it’s difficult, if not entirely impossible, to tell where one type really ends and another begins.


Personality & Activity

Sometimes our personalities do not reflect what psychic skills would be best for us to build. Fortunately, the universe allows us to tweak our personalities in order to tweak our psychic potential and psychic experiences.

howyouinteractWe can tweak our personalities by shifting our daily activities, and therefore our daily needs, because how you mentally, emotionally, and physically interact with your environment and people is also how you psychically interact with them too.

While you can tweak your personality, and therefore tweak your psychic experiences, it is not a realistic expectation to shift your personality dramatically.


For example, if your type is Gray/Red, but scored very low in Type Black, it’s not a realistic expectation to shift to Gray/Black (especially if your goal is communication with the dead).

However, if you are a Gray/Red/Black, it is somewhat realistic to shift to a Gray/Black/Red, but it will probably end up causing more clairvoyant simulative experiences rather that communication with the dead, unless what you receive is postcognitive information about a deceased person

This is because Type Blacks experience one or the other (postcognition or communicating and interacting with spirits of the dead – but occasionally these things can happen together).

But, since you already have clairvoyant simulative experiences because you are Type Gray, you’re more likely to end up with the postcognitive part rather than the communication with the dead part. You go with what you already know.


However, to shift to a Black/Gray (where you would want communication with the dead to be your main experiences), and where you would then score very low in Type Red, this would require dramatic life changes, often life changes that are not in your control.

Life changes that are the types of things that happen to you, not that you just start doing. Examples for this “Black/Gray and no more Red” scenario would involve things like becoming a complete introvert (Reds are extroverted), working daily with the terminally ill (like hospice nursing – where you would build an emotional connection to the patients before crossing over; whereby being more able to open that connection for communication after they have crossed over), and/or experiencing the death of a very close loved one that you were very dependent on emotionally.

redfgryablackcomplexConsidering that Grays and Reds are not well known for empathic career choices, this scenario would likely require you to not only shift your social life, but also go back to school. While this could be accomplished, empathic careers are not something these types would particularly enjoy and feel fulfilled in doing daily.

So, I only recommend tweaking the areas you already score high in. If you are a Gray/Black and you would rather be and Extreme Gray, that’s realistic. However, becoming an Extreme Black might put you right back into the clairvoyance simulative experience domain, rather than communication and interaction with the dead, if you manage to make it at all.

While it may seem complicated and hard to predict how your tweaks will end up turning out, just remember to keep it simple by remembering…….

It’s all about what you NEED, not what you WANT.

If you genuinely NEED a tweak to work out the way that you NEED it too, it will.

Got it? OK, let’s dive into what you need to do in order to tweak your psychic experiences to better fit your personal and professional needs. AND, to create more occasions for psychic experiences to grow and thrive. Let’s start with tweaking to become an…..


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