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Sometimes you can be right based on the information you have available at the time. But if new information presents itself, you may need to adjust your positions accordingly. Even science is based on theories rather than facts, and those theories change over time the more we learn.

afoolalwaysknowsAvoid using phrases like “I know what is true and what is false,” “I am 100% sure,” or “I know all the facts.” You will never have all the information, because you will never have all the answers, because you will never have all the questions.

Again, science is not made up of hard facts that never change. Science is made up of theories that change often.

There is no such thing as scientific proof – there is only scientific evidence (proof exists only in math and logic, not science).


Think about this:

4percentTo truly understand something you would need to know all the variables. ALL OF THEM. Now, considering that there is a certain level of uncertainty in the universe, things are constantly changing (speed, location, and so on), and considering that only about 4% of the universe is currently observable to, and understood by, us (most of which at huge distances), even the entire collective human knowledge of all 7 billion of us would not be enough to know every single variable.


differentperspectivesNow, remember and consider that our perceptions are highly subjective rather than objective, which means we each perceive the world in a slightly different way based on our individual experiences and beliefs about those experiences of the physical world.

Each one of us has a brain and sensory system that differs from person to person. So, even if you somehow managed to know all the variables, you’d still only see them from your perspective, not the actual whole.

somthingfishyThink of it this way: A fish in a very small bowl in some apartment in New York City has a better chance of knowing and understanding all of the variables of the entire city of Chicago then you do knowing and understanding all of the variables of the entire universe. So don’t fool yourself by thinking you already have all the answers.


Two of the most important things you need to accept is that (1) you do not have all the answers, and (2) you never will. Once you accept these two things, you will have defeated two of some of the biggest and most common ILLUSIONS that exist today.

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