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Another way to keep your thoughts and emotions more reserved is to PICK YOUR TOP 5 or TOP 3.

top5Since Type Grays prefer to know only a few people very well, pick 5 of your closest and supportive friends or family members and only share your thoughts and emotions, and rich and deep inner world, with them and be more reserved towards everyone else.

Another way is to use emotion and concept (idea) mapping, which can be in addition to journaling. Emotion and concept mapping provide you with a method to organize, better understand, and label your ideas and emotions. Emotional mapping also increases you emotional intelligence and helps you regulate and control your emotions.

introuniteWe’ll get into the details of how to map in the next chapter since mapping is an excellent method to use in clairvoyant simulation input experiences.

Another way to keep your thoughts and emotions more to yourself, and to help cultivate and grow your ideas, is to spend more time alone – by yourself.

You need to get your alone time to recharge your mental, emotional, and physical energy and to fully crystalize your concepts.

Your goal is to feel comfortable while being alone and like doing things on your own more than you do with other people around. You can still do things with other people, just increase how often you are getting time to yourself.

likeyourownAnd remember, sitting alone at home watching TV doesn’t quite cut it.

You need time to be alone with your thoughts, emotions, and inner world too.

The deeper and more often you go within, the better.

Just remember to pull yourself out fully before you head back out into the real world. Lastly, going unnoticed and undetected is another way to keep to yourself.

You goal here is to increase your stealth, be a wallflower, cover your tracks, operate in the background and behind the scenes, be invisible, sit back and observe other people and your environment, and don’t draw attention to yourself.


Let your silent nature, your emotional composure (calmness), your air of mystery, and your calm and flowing movements be the main characteristics of your new identity as a Type Gray Extreme.

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