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grayextreme2Type Gray extremes are those who benefit most from clairvoyant simulative experiences because it’s the only experiences they have.

Being an extreme allows for the quickest enhancement possible. If you already score very high in Type Gray, and very low in all other types, you are an extreme.

However, if you score high in Type Gray and another type, you might be able to tweak your way to an extreme. The more types you score high in the less likely you are to tweak your way into becoming an extreme. So, those who have scores throughout all types that are pretty much the same, pretty much have no chance of becoming and extreme in any type unless there are MAJOR life changes.

In order to tweak your way to being an extreme, and to maintain that extreme, you will need to indulge more in your introversive nature, your intuition, and take your thinking to a more complex level.

Introversion (I)

hellomynameisThe first thing you will need to do is reduce how often your share your thoughts and opinions with other people.

Your goal is to be more reflective and more reserved both intellectually and emotionally.

By sharing your thoughts and expressing your emotions you are draining yourself and not taking time to reflect on your actions before you do them.

Your goal is to have a clear understanding of your past, current, and future actions by taking time out to fully reflect on them. And, instead of spending your energy sharing and expressing, you’ll instead gain energy, a lot of energy, from diving into your rich inner world and immersing yourself in your ideas, memories, and reactions and behaviors within your inner world.

While not sharing your thoughts and emotions casually may make you a bit confusing to other people, it will also make you more interesting, complex, fascinating, and even mysterious to them.

In fact, once you start being more reserved you’ll know if you’re doing it right because people will start using those words to describe you.

Like we talked about before, a good way to start keeping your thoughts to yourself, without ignoring them – which isn’t a good thing, is to start writing your thoughts and opinions down in a journal or even writing a paper or book on your thoughts and opinions on a certain topic.

putottopaper Sharing your thoughts and ideas casually with friends and family can every once and awhile stop you from developing and exploring new and interesting ideas more deeply.

This is because most people are resistant to new ideas or less excited about talking about ideas rather than events or other people.


The more you write, the more detailed and structured your position becomes, and a well oil machine is far more powerful than tossing around a few parts and pieces with a couple of friends over a few beers this weekend.

mightierthantheswordYour deeper thoughts should not consist of a few notes or a simple rhythm, they should be developed and designed in symphony, in harmony, not in disorder and chaos. Collect your thoughts, collect your mind.

Writing and journaling can also be a great way for you to be more emotionally reserved too. Journaling about your emotions and how you feel, especially if you are not too skilled at talking about your feelings, is a great way to remain emotionally reserved AND to build you emotional intelligence.

Journaling allows you to form new and detailed ways to explain how you feel to yourself and others, narrow down why you feel that way, and come up with strategies and solutions to deal with those emotions properly in the real world.

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