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Those who lean towards Type Purple will find it far easier to shift than those who lean towards other types. Those who lean towards Type Black may also have a small advantage. Your natural intuition helps – the more intuitive you are the more likely you are to remember your dreams and to have more vivid dreams.

However, because Type Grays tend to place thinking over feeling, logic over emotion, organization over artistic chaos, you may have quite a bit of a disadvantage here. Because of this, it’s your openness to experience and your emotional intelligence that need improvement in order to succeed in shifting.

The more ridged your thinking, beliefs, and actions are, the less your intuitive and emotional self can really  Type Grays that spend more time participating in the arts, daydreaming, and reading or watching fiction will have an advantage over other Types Grays in shifting.

Type Grays that are highly routine, organized, read and watch nonfiction, and are focused on science, law, and other more ridged topics will have a disadvantage in shifting. If your occupation is very routine and highly organized, realistic dreams are fairly

However, a shift in occupation, or adding an artistic hobby to your daily routine, especially in the evening, may help you shift.

So, your focus is on increasing creativity, imagination, openness to experience, and working on that empathy of yours together with allowing yourself to feel more.

Allow yourself to be a bit more emotionally vulnerable and sensitive — interact socially with others (in groups), and go more with the flow.


In this case, you’re going to want to do the complete opposite of what I suggested for shifting from realistic dreams to unrealistic dreams. The more you see things in black and white, and less in the closer you will be to shifting from unrealistic dreams to realistic dreams.

Sticking to a routine, not letting your mind wander during the day, keeping busy and staying on task, focusing more on thinking and logic than feeling and emotion, sticking to non-fiction, and maintaining set boundaries at work, in your personal relationships, and your life in general will help with this shift.

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