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Stay mindful as often as possible. This is how you can CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK. By noticing the things that other people do not (psychic and non-psychic), and seeing the things you would have not noticed had you not been mindful, you can help steer yourself down the river of life by avoiding a number of obstacles.

rivermindfulConsider unexpected opportunities and allow yourself to be curious. Avoid being TOO serious and tense about life, and avoid making narrow goals that will give you tunnel vision when it comes to opportunities and obstacles. Seeing what’s coming allows you to know what you need, and what gets psychic experiences pumping? NEEDS.

As we talked about a little earlier, you need to set time aside to work with ideas and projects if you cannot find a way to include or combine them into your job. So, block out a time weekly, 7oclockdaily, or hourly to do this, and actually keep to the schedule.

You need to be alone, undistracted, and relaxed (meditate prior to this “idea time” if your mind is racing or you are tense).

It can be as simple as free-writing your ideas in the morning, on your lunch break, or in the evening whether it’s when you get home or right before you head to bed. You can even make time to let your thoughts run wild before falling asleep at night, but you may need to meditate a little afterwards to settle your mind back down.

troublesleeping, keep your idea time earlier in the day. Remember, all of these things that I am talking about in this chapter should be done to improve your life, not make it more complicated. However, it make be a bit jarring to start, since this is a lot of new stuff to weave into your life, but it should all smooth out pretty quickly.

subunIf you’re working on a strategy, theory, or project and you get stuck, leave your work undone and come back to it later.

Let your subconscious and unconscious mind do the work for your conscious mind in the background. You’ll often find yourself unstuck and refreshed when you get back to what you were doing.

divneintoroutineTaking time to let go of your projects and ideas, even if you think about them on and off throughout the day, will not only help you get unstuck, but also make you more prime to notice errors in your logic and allow your intuition to bubble up more into your conscious awareness.

Sometimes it’s allowing yourself to dive into routine, which gives your creative side a rest, which will in the end be just what you needed to gain the insight you require.

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