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procongraygreencons Your introversive nature will hold you back a lot, since Type Greens need to travel and meet new people like they need oxygen, constantly. So, you’re going to need to get a lot more involved with people. If you’re a die-hard introvert, this will most likely be impossible for you. If you’re emotional intelligence is low, you will likely end up in a constant struggle with your emotions.


 Myers-Briggs Equivalent: ESFJ-P’s

To lean more towards Type Green, you will need to RAMP UP (increase) your empathy3 skills to the max, and become very nurturing and warmhearted.

heartsYou will need to feel genuine sympathy, love, and thrive around people, children, and animals. Type Greens are also big on spending time in nature, but not alone. And instead of being exhausted after social outings, Type Greens are energized, they feed off life and activity, flourish outdoors, and grow through interaction with the people of the world.

To lean more towards this type you will need a big change in perspective that will lead to you being a highly energetic (full of energy) person regularly seeking out and meeting new people.

travel2You will also need to devote most of your time to helping those people in any way you can. You will need to travel1 to new places often. I’m not talking about a family vacation a couple times a year here. Nope, I’m talking about going new places daily, if not hourly. Type Greens are people who travel all over the state, country, and world.


Whether they travel for work as news journalists or photographers, or they volunteer for disaster relief efforts, or are die-hard travelers that travel around the country or around the world living out of a backpack and doing odd jobs to keep going and living the lifestyle;


worldtraveler2You will need to find an inner peace and calmness within yourself even while experiencing heavy and explosive emotions.

emotionallydrivenIf you don’t, you’ll start to notice your more destructive nature, which can lead to selfishness and the mental and/or emotional manipulation of others. You will need to throw logic aside and be more emotionally driven in your everyday life. You will need to live in the NOW spending very little time focusing on the past or planning for the future.

If you start traveling and have to stop suddenly due to work changes or health issues, you’ll notice a fast decline in your well-being from general sadness, to depression, to not feeling any emotions at all apathy to becoming a hermit, which will shift you away from Type Green and more towards Type Gray or Black.

You will need to become a masterofempathy both psychic and non-psychic, become an excellent in-person communicator, be able to read people very well, and use you knowledge of how people work to persuade, influence, and motivate people into making the world, or at least their little corner of the world, a better place.


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