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The final thing you will need to do to tweak your way to being a Type Gray extreme is to be OK with a healthy dose of deception, misleading, illusion, and omission.


omissionAn example of omission is when you leave your thoughts out of conversations and journal them instead. Of course lying by omission is another example. In this case though, moral or legal problems may become an issue. So choose your forms of omission wisely.

Illusion refers to being an illusionist, rather than falling for illusions. Being mysterious and going unnoticed are good examples, but again, tricking people can lead to moral or legal issues.

Lastly, deception and being misleading can be great tools to help people, from the use of placebos, to protecting people from knowing things that would only hurt them, or evoke unnecessary fear rather than help.

empathyJust make sure you think about the short-term and long-term results of your actions before you start employing these traits and always be compassionate and empathetic in how you use them.

These traits are important for Type Gray extremes, but only if they are used for the greater good. They can be simple to use correctly with the greater good in mind, but can easily blur the lines between right and wrong. So remember the universe’s part in your psychic experiences and be on your best behavior.


If you start out only doing these things weekly, take it up a notch and do them 2-3 times week, then work your way up to daily. Your next goal is to find a way to do these things hourly or even all day long if you find it possible.


Your most ideal goal is to find a way to shift your life in such a way that you are either doing these things all day long (example: becoming a writer who works alone from home), or at least do them once an hour or more.

doyourbestIf you try and try and you just can’t pull these goals off, don’t worry, just do your best. You may not have what it takes to be an extreme, and that’s OK, because you don’t have to be to reach your full potential.

Remember, the less extreme you are, the more other psychic types you lean towards, and the more options you have. You may not end up a Type Gray GURU, but you can still become a mastergray


Because Type Grays are the only personality type that has the ability to both understand and truly appreciate such complexity. You’re psychic experiences are complex because you are equally as complex. Your psychic experiences are challenging because you love to be challenged. You see the beauty and value in complexity and have a patience for it that other types do not.


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