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Cons: Also, if you’re a diehard introvert, you may not being able to meet required social demands unless you start dealing with any social anxiety you may have. Type Blues have very big hearts. If you tend to be very emotionally withdrawn with yourself and others, this might not be the best way to lean.


Myers-Briggs Equivalent: ISTJ-P’s

To lean more towards Type Blue, remain your calm, introverted, and analytical self. But, there’s a twist. You will need to get more social, and of course more emotionally intelligent.

socialpsychPicking up a few books on social philosophy, social psychology, sociology, and the behavioral sciences in general would be a good idea too. Like Type Grays, Type Blues love to think about abstract ideas and theories, but mainly involving human behavior. Every social environment is an opportunity for a social experiment. Your knowledge, wisdom, and curiosity will need to be shifted quite a bit towards understanding the human mind and human behavior.

pefectfitIf getting into the minds of people by better understanding their emotions, and what causes those emotions does not interest you, this may not be the way to lean.

If you’re creative, artistic, individualistic, and seem to have a knack for getting on the same wavelength as other people, it may be a perfect fit.

Unlike Type Grays though, Type Blues are very compassionate people. They are people pleasers, and will often put aside their own wants and needs to take care of others. They tend to be the most selfless people you will ever meet.

donotfeedthefearsThis is of course unless they are dealing with a lot of stress. In this case, Type Blues can be overly emotional, explosive even, and their logical thinking tends to be quickly replaced by emotional thinking.

With stress often comes social anxiety issues, so if you already feel anxious around people, this may only get worse the more you lean this way. So be ready to conquer your fears.

You will need to focus on being more trustworthy, loyal, and confident yet conservative. Instead of thinking about stuff in your own head, you’ll want to start doing it out loud with small groups.togetherness

You’ll also need to work on creating a sense of togetherness within that group with your soon to be vast knowledge of how people work.

Type Blues have a strong mind, but they are also soft and empathetic. Sympathy and empathy come more easily to them.

caretakingBecause of this, they often work in caretakingoccupations Though this is not needed for you to lean toward Type Blue, you will need to add some level of really helping people in your day-to-day.

socialworkYou will need to be more nurturing and protective of others, whether this is through caring for the helpless, the sick, the abused, or the addicted, etc. Basically, you will need to become very concerned with the welfare of others. This may only be for those already in your life (friends and family), or branching out into those in your community too.

You may struggle to find your place and purpose, and you may at times feel like you are losing yourself to the crowd, but that’s what Type Blues do, they become a part of things more than then they strive to be an individual.


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