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To shift from one psychic mode to another (psychic dreams when asleep, to psychic empathy when awake) usually involves doing one thing less and one thing more. However, dreaming is necessary for mental and emotional well-being. It helps with memory, mood, emotional wounds, and it can even help with decision-making and problem-solving.

However, dreaming and remembering your dreams are two different things. You can still have the benefits of dreaming even though you don’t remember them well.

When you stop remembering your dreams, or begin to remember only little bits of your dreams, the psychic information you receive will need to find a different outlet, a different mode to work with.

Psychic experiences are highly adaptable, but when you stop using one mode, you need to be on the other end strengthening the new mode.

So, start increasing your emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is very important for not only shifting from dreams to emotional information when you are awake, it’s also extremely important for understanding that emotional information.

But, like I mentioned before, you also need to reduce how well you remember your dreams. The best way to do this is to:

  1. Reduce the vividness of your dreams, and
  2. Do not think about your dreams after waking up.

You can reduce the vividness of your dreams by avoiding eating anything 4 hours before you usually fall asleep (if you fall asleep around 11pm, stop eating at 7pm), and avoid eating any foods or drinks rich in Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin, later in the evening.

These foods include eggs, nuts, whole grains, milk, cheese, and meat (especially seafood). The sooner in the day you stop eating these foods the better. Some fruits, vegetables, and legumes also contain biotin. So, at the very least, try not to eat any of these foods after your evening dinner.

This is because biotin is well known to increase the vividness of dreams. So, it’s the last thing you want to be eating anytime around bedtime, and it takes a while to get out of your system, so the longer you go without, the better. However, biotin isn’t the only thing that can cause vivid dreams, there’s a lot of foods that can cause this in different people, for example –

So, it’s just a good rule of thumb to avoid eating anything 4 hours before bedtime in general. Give it a try, it may work wonders for you, or it may not. If it doesn’t, then leaning more towards Type Green or Type Blue may be your next best move.

Again, shifting from dreams to another mode requires you to reduce how well you remember your dreams. Shifting from dreams to intuition is a lot like shifting from dreams to emotions. This is because intuitive information is mostly made up of emotional information.

The slight difference is that there is a little extra non-emotional information that can come along with the package like who or when the information is about or from. Those who lean towards non-empathy limited types will have a better chance at shifting from dreams to intuition (example: Type Yellows).

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