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Myers-Briggs Equivalent: ENFJ-P’s

To lean more towards Type White, you will need to spark an interest within yourself to absorb and understand the people around you. This includes how they think, what it must be like to be them, and trying your very best to understand what others are feeling and why they behave the way that they do.

interestYou will need to lean a bit more outside of the sciences and spark new interests in the PHILOSOPHY OF MIND, SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY, SOCIOLOGY, AND PSYCHOLOGY. The human mind will now be your main domain to explore. Read, read, read. Whether its fiction or non-fiction, focus more on topics exploring the wide range of human behavior and interaction.

daydreamingIf you begin to feel mentally, emotionally, or physically disconnected or detached, ease back on your day dreaming.

Type Whites are well known for their regular deep day dreaming – it’s how they come up with some of their best creative ideas.

mehIf you start to feel apathetic, meaning you feel emotionally dead or empty inside, or you just don’t care about anything anymore, ease back on your social activity, and deal with some of this emotional fatigue by taking more time to mind-and-heart

5minuteruleLeaning towards Type White you may begin to notice issues with procrastination, lack of concentration, and being easily distracted. At times your mind may race while at other times your mind simply may not go at all – stuck in loading…. mode. A lot of this is due to stress and anxiety getting the better of you.

So, if you start to notice this stuff happening, take control and start dealing properly with your stress. When you feel wiped-out, push yourself to get a little bit done – just try to do stuff for at least 5 minutes at a time. When you feel like your mind and body are full of energy, slow down and take your time. Your goal is to bring your highs and lows back into balance.

You will need to start getting comfortable in large crowds and enjoying your time there – so if you experience social anxiety, you will need to conquer it before you start trying to lean in this direction.  Type Whites are extremely social, but in a more narrow way that other extroverted types. Type Whites tend to make friends very quickly and have hundreds, if not thousands of acquaintances.

While they may know a lot of people, and a lot of people may know them, IT’S USUALLY ONLY ON THE SURFACE. You know the basics, they know the basics, and that’s about as far as most of their relationships go.

identity-anchorBecause of this, Type Whites have very few close friends and because of this, tend to stay very close with family members. They often see their family as an anchor to their most authentic self, so they keep them close and regularly spend time with them. If they don’t, they tend to start feeling like they are losing their identity to the crowd.

If stress starts to build, and you find yourself procrastinating too much on dealing with that stress, that stress can build up so much that when you hit your limit, you may be too anxious to even leave the house. SO WATCH OUT FOR THOSE PROCRASTINATION ISSUES.

morivationThe best way to deal with procrastination when leaning towards Type White is working on mindfulness, which helps with attention and concentration. Once your attention and concentration gets back to normal, it’s only a matter of building effective motivational skills.

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