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With hallucinations, most people need to be in an altered state of consciousness like meditation to receive psychic information. However, emotional and intuitive information does not usually require this.

NOTE: Meditating daily will enhance psychic experiences in general, even when you are not in an altered state (example: how many of the 5 W’s you get responses to if you are trying to receive intuitive impressions). This is because MEDITATION IS MIND EXPANDING in a way that is perfect for enhancing psychic experiences.

But, when it comes to receiving psychic hallucinations like visions and voices, or combinations of modes including hallucinations, altered states of consciousness are REQUIRED. This is especially true if you are over the age of 22 and have little to no history of psychic experiences.

Again, this all depends on how open you are to the experiences, how ridged and routine your life is, how creative you are, and so on. But, realistic expectations in general for adults should be:

As I mentioned before, taking up daily meditation like transcendental meditation, or even yoga, can shift you towards experiencing psychic hallucinations.

Also, altered states like those you wander into while falling asleep (HYPNAGOGIC) and waking up (HYPNOPOMPIC) are also helpful.

Self-hypnosis and even just being really, really, drowsy can also be ideal states of mind for psychic hallucinations to kick in. You just need to:

  1. Reduce your dependency on dreams like we have been talking about.
  2. Increase how often you enter altered states (eyes closed – the development of open eye hallucinations is not recommended due to their distractive nature and because they are far less likely to be developed).
  3. Focus on your NEED for information or shifting before you enter those altered states, and when you are in those altered states.

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