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Parapsychology Articles on the new site

Biokinesis: Experimental Methods

Atmokinesis: Spontaneous Heating and Cooling

Chaotic Systems, Prediction Limitation, & Dangers

Water Vapor and Aerokinesis

Shortness of Breath and Aerokinesis

Motion vs. Inertial Forces

Influence of Wind to Direct a Solid – Indoors

Forms of Wind Measurement

Absolute Pressure – Indoors vs. Outdoors

Psychic Experience and Evolution

Psychic Education is Critical to Psychic Performance

Psi-Mediated Instrumental Response (PMIR)

Psychokinesis as a Primary Psychic Process

The Need-Serving Quality of Psychic Phenomena

Psi and Non-local Communication

Psychic Phenomena and Quantum Efficiency

The Macroscopic Challenge for Quantum Computation

Computational Living Systems

Psychic Energy Field Models

Paranormal Cognition – A Normal Cognitive Process

Psi Memory Models

Pseudo-Sensory Models

Biological Non-locality & Neuro-Quantum Interactions

The Role Information in Nature

Brief History of Quantum Mechanics

The Measurement Problem & Wave Function Collapse

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Quantum Non-local Communication

Quantum Mechanics and Cognitive Science

Quantum Decoherence

Microscopic and Macroscopic Quantum Interaction

Brief Intro to Quantum Mechanics

Brain Wave Modeling

Psychic Enhancement & Mental Health

Psychic & Psychological Profiling

Myers-Briggs Types & Psychic Types

Psychic Types and Myers-Briggs

Psychic Experiences and Mental Illness

Decreased or Lost Psychic Experiences Due to Personality Changes

Psychic Experiences and Physical Illness

Psychic Phenomena and Physiological Abnormalities

Cognitive Skills and Psychic Performance

Yoga and Qigong

Visual Imagery and Object Meditation

Neuroscience & Meditation

Rhythmic Aerobic Meditation

Psi and the Default Mode Network

High Arousal vs. Low Arousal Meditation

The Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation: Getting Started and Maintaining Motivation

Deep Breathing Meditation

Concentration vs. Mindful Meditation

Improving Psychic Performance by Changing Your Environment

Psychic Ability Randomly Stops

Why Can I Put Objects into Motion, But Not Keep Them Going? (PK)

Why Empaths Are Drawn to Takers

Where Is Psi?

The Difference Between Wanting & Needing Psychic Experiences

Psychic Experience Do’s & Dont’s

What Is Your View On Multiverse Hypotheses or Parallel Universes?

The Bipolar Empath

Telepathy-Based Attack & Defense Strategies

OK, I’m Psychic, But How Do I Use It?

Stopping Objects In Motion – Psychokinesis PK

Getting Control Over Psychic Experiences

Shutting Off A Psychic Ability

Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis – Why Sub-types Are Important

I Believe In Psychic Experiences, But a Loved One Doesn’t

Do I Receive Psychic Messages From a Spirit Guide or Nature?

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

How To Become a Parapsychologist

Can I Shut Off my Psychic Ability?

Can Someone Read A Book Just By Touching It?

Was My Psychic Dream Real?

Empath Moods and Other People’s Emotions

How Does Psi Work?

Can You Lose a Psychic Ability By Talking About It?

Can One Achieve Super-Strength?

Energy Healing and Cell Signaling

How Does Psi Work?