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Psi-Mediated Instrumental Response (PMIR)


The basic concept surrounding the PMIR was that human beings utilize psi to accomplish something (the instrumental response) that fulfills certain needs in which the individual consciously or subconsciously possesses.

Such concepts lead to arguments suggesting that psi may be far more common in daily life than in immediately apparent, but that psi does accomplish is goals in a subtle elegant manner void of conscious awareness.

Further arguments then direct us towards the question “if psi is a staple in our subconscious daily life, can psi be directed to be a staple in our conscious daily life to any extent?

The assumption in which describes how the PMIR should work have been summarized in the following points:

  1. Psi (as PMIR) is probably operative in daily life far more than we realize.
  2. The chief function of PMIR is to accomplish certain goals or to fulfill certain needs of human beings.
  3. PMIR operates for the most part unconsciously. Not only is the operation of psi unnoticed by the individual, but also the need might not even be consciously recognized.

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