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Do I Receive Psychic Messages From a Spirit Guide or Nature?


I typically answer this question via my profiling methods, as these methods appear to identify the nature of the source of the anomalous information quite accurately despite the complexities surrounding such a question. For many years I have worked along side individuals skilled in clairvoyant and mediumistic anomalous communication and have found certain characteristics exclusive to each type.  

Typically, clairvoyants and mental mediums rank high in regards to category Type Yellow, while trance mediums typically rank high in regards to category Type Black. Throughout formulating psychical profiles, I have obtained more reports from Type Yellows suggesting communications with “angelic entities or spirit guides, ” “reality,” the “universe” or “Nature” itself (as though Nature itself is a universal information system) then I have in regards to Type Blacks.

In reports involving Type Black experients of psychical phenomena, multiple or a single  “entities” are typically reported. These entities vary in description from ancestors, recently deceased relatives, and spirits of the deceased in general. While such is not always the case, as there are no pure types (i.e. people tend to blend into two to three major types), those who score high in regard to Type Yellow typically communicate with spirit guides or Nature, while those who score high in regards to Type Black typically communicate with spirits of the dead or Nature (postocognition). This is of course a generalized answer.

However, Type Gray tends to only communicate with Nature. Keep in mind, when referring to “nature” I don’t necessarily mean plants and animals, but rather the non-biological, the information-based whole of the universe. In other words, the code of nature.

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