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Computational Living Systems


Computers at a basic level are defined as any object capable of taking instruction, and performing computations based on said instruction. Two valid examples of computers by this definition are living organisms (e.g. human beings) and atomic physical phenomena.

Like computers, the human mind is capable of encoding and decoding information in the brain, and parapsychologically speaking, is assumed to be able receive and decode information from the environment, or other individuals, and encode and transmit information to the environment or other individuals.

In regards to encoding information quantum mechanically, there are many different systems that could be involved in such processes (e.g. photons). Could it be that a human being is a quantum computer, or perhaps exclusively the human brain? What if quantum computation is so ever-present that it can be found in every living cell of our bodies?

There is consistence evidence suggesting that natural processes must be based on quantum principles in order to function in the manner in which they do. In fact, the possibility that quantum computation can be implemented by living systems is a growing area of scientific research.

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