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Psi and Non-local Communication


Non-local influences exist after particles (such as photons) interact and separate. In addition, when one of the particles post-separation is polarized, the entangled particle instantaneously possesses the same degree of polarization as the other.

No energy or signal is sent between them; instead, the alteration to one quantum twin resulted in the alteration of the other due to a non-local transfer of information. Some attempts to explain psi have been focused on this form of non-local communication.

However, current understandings of precognition tend to hinder this explanation as most parapsychologists believe that precognition is the result of defying the principle of causality (cause and effect), This is contrast to assuming precognition to be the result of experient access to Nature’s probabilistic computations in real-time.

If precognition is assumed a result not in defiance of the principle of causality, then we can begin to apply quantum teleportation as a function of the two main problems of parapsychology, specifically of the mediation and the manifestation of psi.

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