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Quantum Mechanics and Cognitive Science


Early on, biologists concluded that quantum mechanics is linked to living systems and thought. In addition, many characteristics of mind are comparable to the characteristic of atomic particles.

An example of this is, both arise from dynamical systems, both display continuity and wholeness, and both are localized yet spatial independent. The idea that consciousness plays a fundamental part in the manifestation of the physical world is, and has been considered to be since the idea was first proposed, highly controversial. This is due to the disinclination of the scientific community to accept anything as “ephemeral” as consciousness into physical studies.

However, despite the scientific community’s efforts to exclude consciousness studies from physical studies, the neurosciences have shown great progress in explaining perception, cognition, and awareness in the classical sense.  Recent mathematical developments suggest that quantum mechanics may fundamentally be the direct result of cognitive and conceptual factors rather than that of physical factors.

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