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Telepathy-Based Attack & Defense Strategies


Defensive Strategy Against A Suspected Telepathist

1. Avoid being relaxed or mentally fatigued around a suspected telepathist.

2. Avoid sleeping around a suspected telepathist.

3. Avoid drug or alcohol usage around a suspected telepathist.

4. Avoid talking or opening up electronic communications (e.g. phone, chat, etc.) with a suspected telepathist.

5. Avoid evoking strong emotions in a suspected telepathist.

6. Avoid a suspected telepathist if you suffer from an anxiety disorder.

7. Avoid asking a suspected telepathist for assistance, advice, or help.

8. Avoid wearing the colors red, white, or purple in the company of a suspected telepathist.

Defensive Strategy For Stressed Telepathists

1. Avoid social interaction when you are distressed, afraid, or experiencing other intense emotions/needs.

2. Learn how to manage yourself in highly emotionally provoking situations you cannot avoid (e.g. anger management).

3. Avoid being around others that are mentally fatigued or asleep.

4. Avoid being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when around others.

5. Avoid being around others who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. Avoid wearing the colors red, white, or purple.

7. Avoid offering advice or assistance to anyone when stressed.

8. Avoid using sensitive electronics when stressed.

Defensive Strategy For Telepathists Defending Themselves

1. Focus on your need to protect yourself.

2. Calm yourself mentally/emotionally to focus, and to avoid provoking physically hostile behavior in others.

3. Avoid becoming verbally or physically hostile yourself or you will lose your focus.

4. Avoid altercations with other suspected telepathists.

5. Think, then act, don’t dive in head first.

6. Avoid involving others in your personal dramas, and vice versa.

7. Avoid letting others push you around or take advantage of you, and vice versa.

8. Wear the colors red, white, or purple.

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