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Myers-Briggs Types & Psychic Types


After years of collecting data, which later enabled me to structure the personality profiles, I was still unable to correlate them with Myers-Briggs types. Fortunately after several more years of collecting data and careful analysis of the universals and differences of the personalities, I was able to achieve this.

In other words, when an individual takes my psychic assessment, not only do they find out in what areas there psychical potential lies, and what possible psychological and physiological conditions they may be prone to, but assessment results also reveal their Myers-Briggs type, or vise versa.

As similar to Myers-Briggs personality types, psychical personality types are not “pure” types. This is to say that many lean towards two to three different types more often then they exactly fit one particular type. Because an experient leans towards one or more types rather than others types, the experient will have a higher chance of enhancing and growing a particular form of phenomena associated with their type(s) more so than others.

While adjusting ones personality can be advantageous, type preferences themselves are the connection between the conscious and unconscious, leaving some preferences beyond conscious management. In addition, experients, like all human beings, are born with an innate predisposition to type, perhaps at the quantum level, and major deviations are unlikely, except in the case of severe traumas or lifestyle alterations.

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