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Brain Wave Modeling


Brain wave models to come will most likely tailor to the role of crucial elements in the presence of the random background field or background fluctuations in the brain (where the classical statistics of the electric and magnetic fields are chosen to match the vacuum expectation values of the equivalent operators in quantum electrodynamics).

In regards to vacuum fluctuation, fluctuations of the vacuum field are combined with random fields in which resent quantum systems. Since the ability to separate a system (e.g. electron) from the vacuum field does not exist, technically speaking, we cannot entirely separate any two quantum systems.

This suggests that all quantum systems are entangled via the field and as a result, one could be lead to conclude that white noise (a random signal with a flat power spectral density) may be the basis of everything in Nature.

Such a random background essentially increases correlations between various mental functions (e.g. the generation of non-local presentations of information), and such models may end up answering the binding problem (i.e. “how the unity of conscious perception is brought about by the distributed activities of the central nervous system”).

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