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If you have spontaneous experiences, meaning psychic experiences that were involuntary, accidental, or unplanned, at least at the fully conscious level, don’t worry, it’s a realistic expectation that you can turn those spontaneous experiences into intentional experiences.

If you have both intentional and spontaneous psychic experiences, it’s a realistic expectation to have more intentional experiences and less spontaneous experiences. However, it’s not a realistic expectation to never have a spontaneous experience here and there.


Just like every once and awhile your emotions may get the better of you, so will your psychic experiences, because they are linked.

Don’t worry though, even if you have psychic experiences that start spontaneously, once they start, you can intentionally direct and often correct them.

Just like when you get really angry and may RAISE YOUR VOICE, you can catch yourself, take a deep breath, and c a l m b a c k  d o w n. The same works for spontaneous psychic experiences, just breathe.


If you’re psychic experiences start intentionally, but then go rogue, focusing on the rhythm of your breath may be all you need to do to get back your flow. Anxiety and distraction are the biggest causes of losing control, so finding your flow again is key.

findyourpeaceYour FLOW is a peaceful state of mind and body that allows things to happen naturally rather than forcefully. If you find yourself tensing up, or focusing on one thing to hard, just take a deep breath and let it all go.

If you don’t, you may end up experiencing a random response where something just happens for the sake of something needing to happen, but what happens is often useless, destructive, or even dangerous.

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