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Gray/Red are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

presentgHave contemporaneous / real-time shifting experiences and output experiences involving information about people. This is because Type Reds are entirely present-based, are telepathists/telepaths (output), and are therefore entirely people-orientated.

Excel at reaching goals, especially when other people are involved. Type Reds are very good at telepathic interaction, which involves mental suggestion and compulsion.

grayredeioeHave high emotional intelligence and openness to experience. This is because you are very good at reading and manipulating, controlling, and misleading other people to get what you need and are more outgoing than most other Type Gray combinations.

lowonempathyHave very low empathy. It’s because of your ability to put compassion aside to achieve your goals that reduces your empathy.

While this may help you reach some of your goals, it will backfire when trying to get others to cooperate with you, and make it impossible for you to gain the trust and respect of others, which is required to lead and/or maintain longstanding relationships.

It will also lead to emotional outbursts in others when they feel cheated, and in yourself when accused of doing so.

Have a “God Complex.” Because you have the ability to shift events in your favor and find out a lot of information through clairvoyant simulation, and have the ability to manipulate others in general, you are at very high risk of developing this type of complex.

ilovemeThis complex can lead to illusions and delusions of grandeur (false beliefs that you are god-like), where you may believe you are above the law, that your needs are more important than others, that you’re incapable of being wrong or failing, and have misplaced overconfidence in your accuracy.

On rare occasions these illusions can get out of hand and lead to delusions of being immortal (unable to die), a prophet of God, or that you are God, and therefore are not governed by universal law. This level of self-importance will lead to the universe refusing to accommodate your needs because you are working against universal order.

This will leave your clairvoyant simulation experiences useless, as it is a two “person” process (you and the universe working together), leaving you entirely dependent on telepathic interaction to achieve your goals. However, due to the mental instability, and high errors in judgment (cognitive biases), of those with this complex, whatever goals you had reached at this point will likely come crumbling down all around you.

needempathyTherefore, it is critically important to build and maintain a high level of empathy, compassion, kindness, charity, and gratitude more than any other Type Gray combinations. In fact, more than ALL other type combinations except Red/Gray.

Be quick to enhancement. This is because Type Reds are a highly motivated type. However, they also lack focus and get bored very easily. This can make enhancement very slow if you are unable to build and apply psychic skills through your job and your social life.

hothothotBe limited to contact thermal energy influence (using warmth and deep heat to heal or increase certain functions like metabolism). While healing-PK and athletic-PK are most likely to be experienced, exposure-PK and defensive-PK are possible and can lead to effects ranging from heating you or others up, warming the air around you, to increased thermal effects leading to reaching the melting point of certain materials (the temperature at which certain materials melt) or combustion/fire under specific conditions (oxygen + fuel + the right amount of heat), but that last part is very rare.

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