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The following image represents my Psychical Theory Model. Basically, how psychic stuff works, lines up, and influences each other.


OK, so still confusing, right? Let me walk you through it top to bottom. Once you know what all the little bits and pieces mean, the image will be very easy to use to jog your memory later on.


The TOP 4


The TOP 4 (White, Red, Purple, Blue) are all types of telepathy (people-to-people communication). Whites and Reds are very social, extroverted, and Purples and Blues are less so, because they are introverted. But, still people-orientated. Whites and Reds only have one direction to their experiences (input or output), while Purples and Blues have two direction (input and output).

The TOP 4 only deal with living people and are only present-based.

Now for PK. The TOP 4 only do well with direct healing, either being near a person or touching a person. Reds work with thermal energy, heat things up. Whites work with air and wind. Purples work with visible light energy. Blues work with thermal energy, cool things down, and also work with liquids like water.


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