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Understanding your psychic experiences is so important!


Like I talked about before, there are certain ways clairvoyant simulation and auto-PK work, and don’t work.

For example with clairvoyant simulation, you can only historically shift probabilities that existed in the past; you can’t just make them up as you go along.

With intention healing, as I talked about briefly in the first chapter, clairvoyant simulation healing can potentially cure diseases as well as treat symptoms. However, with healing-PK, it’s usually only the symptoms that are temporarily treated.


This means that you might be able to rewrite the past and shift the source of chronic back pain out of existence, but with healing–PK, you might only be able to reduce the inflammation associated with the back pain for a short period of time.

Since you couldn’t cure the condition that caused the inflammation, it is just going to come back eventually; unless it was from a minor injury like a pulled muscle where reducing inflammation allows the injury to properly heal.

So, if you’re determined to set out and heal major diseases, keep in mind that not only may this not be possible with healing-PK, but it also may not be a probable and a realistic expectation for all experiencers.

inmotionAlso with auto-PK, there are things like motion versus inert limitations, where if you are very good at directing objects already in motion in a certain direction, or increasing or decreasing its speed, then you may not be too good at getting objects that are not in motion to move.

inertballThe opposite is true too. If you are really good at putting still objects into motion, then you may not be very good, or any good, at directing that object once in motion or increasing or decreasing its speed.

Also, if you’re really good at moving macroscopic objects (things you can see), then you might not be as good working with microscopic objects like speeding up or slowing down molecules to increase or decrease heat.

Now, if you are really good at healing people, you’re probably not going to be an experiencer of macro-PK. As I talked about before, one involves very subtle weak energy (which is safe to use on people), and the other involves a lot of energy (which can be harmful to people).

The universe seems to make you good at one or the other to prevent accidental injury.

This prevention can also been seen in trying to enhance psychic experiences through meditation. If you can stay awake throughout the meditation, you’ll benefit from the meditation and increase your psychic skills.

zzzzzHowever, if you are in poor health, not getting enough sleep, stressed out (basically being at HIGH risk for negative psychic experiences), you are more likely to fall asleep during meditation, whereby not enhancing, not building psychic skills, and not creating more stress by causing negative experiences.

There are safeguards in place for good reason, and while you might be able to find a loophole for two to get around them if you look hard enough, I don’t recommended it.

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