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Gray/Blues are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

presentgHave contemporaneous / real-time experiences, emotion-based experiences, intuitive impressions, and be empaths. This is because Type Blues are empaths and are entirely present-based.

Have a more difficult time telling the difference between synthetic information and your own thoughts ideas (remember, Type Grays often cannot tell the difference between receiving an idea psychically and coming up with the idea on their own).

blueemotionsAlso, you will have more difficulty telling the difference between your emotions and the emotions of others that you empathically share emotions with. Have no history of hallucinatory effects in childhood or adulthood since you mainly lean towards emotion-based experiences and intuitive impressions.

Be people-orientated since Type Blues are entirely people-orientated. Have negative psychic experiences if you have a low emotional intelligence and/or openness to experience.

Negative experiences most commonly come in the form of “drowning in other people’s emotions,” to forcing others to feel the way you need them to feel (empathic interaction).

emotionalreasoningAlso, if you are more emotional than logical, you will be more prone to emotional reasoning which is without logic, and in which results in mental conflicts. This is because you believe what you feel is true even if all the non-emotional evidence suggests otherwise. You will also be more prone to spontaneous experiences if you excel at simulating emotions, but struggle to properly regulate and cope with those emotions.

Be very slow to enhance due to many different mental conflicts including being overly analytical, stubborn, having low self-esteem, low motivation, a racing mind (which makes it very hard to sleep and meditate, and so on), and sensation seeking due to many emotions making you numb and not enough creative stimulation due to a lack of openness to experience.

watericeBe limited to contact thermal energy influence (cooling down to heal or achieve homeostasis – you, other people, or your environment) with auto-PK. Also, you may or may not have a contact influence with saltwater (ion rich water in general) and bodily fluid balance (maintaining homeostasis through electrolyte balance for example) due to the mixture of auto-PK and hydro-PK, and mainly limited to healing-PK and athletic-PK.

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