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To give you a better understanding of what expectations you should have, we’ll look at different psychic type combinations next. With psychic type combinations there are many, MANY combinations.

colorcombonationsSince it is unrealistic to look at each possible combination and how each type influences another, we’ll instead look at combinations involving two main types in order to provide you with examples of how different psychic types affect each other.

If the combination you are experiencing today is not quite the combination you think would help improve your quality of life the most, we’ll be looking into “tweaks” later on. Tweaks are ways to slightly shift your personality, and life in general, in simple and practical ways in order to slightly shift your psychic experience types.

However, when I say “slightly” that’s exactly what I mean. While major shifts in personality can happen in life, they typically only do after a major event or trauma.

tweakcomboSo, to keep things realistic, the MOST you’ll probably be able to tweak is your secondary type (your second highest score) from one type to another.

So, while you read through the characteristics of each combination, allow yourself to really contemplate if your secondary type is really the best fit for you.

Or, if you might want to dive into some ways to tweak it.

The following are lists of characteristics. These are averages, which means they may not apply exactly the same to everyone in the exact same way. This means that you may have more or less options personally then are listed here. Therefore, these characterizations should be viewed as flexible guidelines rather than fixed rules.

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