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“Does it matter how creative, flexible, curious, or adventurous I am?”

newThe next limiting factor is your “openness to experience.” This also has a lot to do with age, but differs from person to person. Openness to experience refers to your ability to be creative, flexible, curious, and adventurous.

The younger you are the more open you tend to be to new experiences; AND the more you tend to seek out new experiences. Also, the younger you are the more new just about EVERYTHING is.

However, as you get older your openness to experiences slowly dwind.

routineThis is because things like school and work shift you into a world of routines, structure, and your day-to-day life becomes fairly predictable.

You tend to lose the rich imagination you once had as a child and tend to favor being like everyone else rather than the unique individual you are. You were born unique. You were born capable of doing something that the rest of mankind cannot.

You and you alone are uniquely qualified to fulfill that task. Never stop seeing what others cannot see. Never stop hearing what others cannot hear. Never stop creating that which does not yet exist.


mindsarelikeparaAlso, the older you get, the more you “think” you know, and the less you seek out new things to learn about.

Openness to experience slowly INCREASES until you’re around age 20-22. However, structure and routine also grow, and keep growing.

So, by the time you’re out of college and entering the workforce full-time, your openness to experience is the lowest it’s ever been and routine is usually at its highest.

If your life is full of routine and is highly structured, don’t worry, there are a lot of ways to increase your openness to experience no matter how old you are. These ways include taking up:


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